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    Having a new website is as easy as...



    Ensuring that you have selected the right provider for your ministry is crucial! In the “Ready” phase of our “Ready – Set – Go” process we encourage your ministry to review our designs, determine which one best reflects your ministry’s personality, and chat with our of our experts to see just how much time and frustration you will save by working with Ministry Designs.


    After landing on a design best suited for your ministry, a Ministry Success Representative will be assigned to your ministry to train and coach you through the design process. It is our mission to assist you in creating an effective website that will allow you to reach as many people for the Kingdom as possible, as well as saving you and your staff time and frustration.


    Jesus commands us to “Go” and tell the good news in the book of Matthew. Because of this passage, we created our “Ready – Set – Go” process. Currently there are over 3.4 billion active users on the internet today. What does that mean for your ministry? People are actively searching for a church in your area right now, on the web. We providing you with the tools you need to most effectively reach them and your community.

    As ministry leaders, we know how fast things change, and that church websites are hard to keep up to date. New events are scheduled or ongoing information needs updating, your calendar has changes, last Sunday’s sermon needs posting for Monday morning, and the list goes on and on. With Ministry Designs’ drag & drop website builder & editor, you can keep your church website current from wherever, whenever.  It is our goal to provide ministries with the most up-to-date tools to help you reach, teach and communicate.

    • Flexibility

      We know that in ministry, things change, and your website should be able to keep up with the changes. With our tools you have everything that you need at your fingertips to intrigue people enough to want to check out your church. Flexibility to you also means no financial commitment; you have no contracts and can cancel at any time.

    • Training

      You’re not going to spend money on a tool that you have no idea how to use—so when you decide to start building your website, one of our talented staff members will share their screen with you and show you how to get the most out of the tool you just purchased. Additionally, you can always click here for our ever-growing video library.

    • Customer Support

      Ministry Designs church websites are truly our ministry, so that means you’ll never get stuck in the dark when you have a question or need to change something on your website. You can call anytime and a staff member will share their screen with you to walk you through whatever question you have at that particular time.


    Here are some of the highlights to our drag and drop website builder.

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    Drag & Drop

    Our simple drag and drop website builder is the most powerful on the market. Its fully customizable functionality and easy-to-use interface allows anyone and everyone to be a designer.

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    Domain Emails

    Your church emailing system has been made easy with our @domain email setup. Your church staff can easily communicate and correspond with your web domain email list.

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    Customer Support

    We offer screen-sharing customer support to make finding solutions to your problems easier than you could imagine. If you have troubles, we are here to help!

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    Unlimited Website Pages

    Whether your church or ministry is large or small, you will never run out of space to create a web site that fits your needs. With unlimited pages, the sky is the limit.

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    Online Giving

    Tithing and giving has never been easier. With online giving you can manage monthly offerings, track monthly incomes, and be better equipped in today’s world of giving.

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    Sermon Storage

    With unlimited storage for you church’s sermons, our seamless audio integration allows you to archive past sermons for long-term storage and retrieval.

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    Fully Responsive

    The websites & templates built on our builder look amazing on every device with no additional effort from you! Just plug in your content, and away you go!

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    No Server Configuration

    When working with Ministry Designs, there is no server configuration needed on your end. This means without any technical know-how, you can have a website in minutes!

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    Parallax scrolling is the latest and greatest in the web design world today! With our website templates, this amazing new feature is built right in!

    Church Website Builder, Builder Training & Template Pricing

    We know that sometimes website pricing can be confusing; however, when you work with Ministry Designs you get everything you need, (and some great extras that you don’t). For just a one-time fee of $1000 and then just $20 a month after that!

    $1000 + $20/m


    Here’s what makes Ministry Designs the #1 recommended website resource for churches


    Our simple drag and drop website builder is the most powerful on the market. Its fully customizable functionality and easy-to-use interface allows anyone and everyone to be a designer.  But sometimes you need just a little extra, and we can help with that!

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    Content Transfer

    Even though adding your content is super easy with our templates sometimes you just don’t have the time. We’d love the chances to migrate your content for you!

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    Custom Design

    Church website design is important; like our style but not into templates? We can custom build or design a website for your church and ministry!

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    eCommerce Solution

    Does church or ministry have great products that you’d like to sell? With our super powerful and easy use eCommerce solution, now you can!

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    Database Configuration

    Do you already work with one of the major church management systems like Shelby or Fellowship One? We help integrate that into your new website!