In today’s world of technology, having an amazing church website is more important now than ever before.

If you’re looking at this post, it could be that your website might be struggling…

Or maybe you’re looking for a little inspiration…

Maybe you just want to see what other ministries are doing well.

The churches in this list have nailed it in one way or another on their website design.

After having the privilege of working on so many church websites, I thought it would helpful to review and compile a list of some the best sites that I’ve seen recently.

I realize this is not a complete list, and I know there are some great churches building out some amazing websites! So if I’ve left something out that you have seen and think it should be included, please feel free to add the site address to the comments section and I will continue to add and revise.

I’ve evaluated the websites on a several different factors:

Overall Design
Navigation (how easy was it for me to get where I wanted to go)
Home Page Design
Relevant Design
Inner Page Design
Giving Page
Next Steps Page
Sermon Illustration
Basically, I was trying to look for what they were doing that was unique or that set them apart from all the other church websites that I’ve seen.

With that being said, happy reading! Don’t forget to share and I look forward to your feedback!

Let’s jump in!


The Scottsdale Bible Church’s navigation is a little unconventional. However, their navigation and banner are laid out amazingly well.

VISIT – CONNECTION – SERVE – WATCH – CARE – GIVE isn’t what you normally see from a standard church website navigation.


When hovering over one of those six selections you get an amazing drop-down filled with simple-to-find, one click navigation options.

You can virtually go anywhere on the site from the main navigation. As bounce rates increase and page times decrease minimizing the amount of click-throughs that need to be performed on your website is a great idea.

Scottsdale Bible Church has done this very, very well.


Everything Saddleback normally produces is great.

The user experience of their website is no different.

The larger your ministry grows the harder it is to effectively organize your information in a way that your visitor can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Saddleback’s website does an amazing job of effectively communicating information to new visitors while also helping returning visitors find exactly what they’re looking for.

Their website could have also gone in the relevant design section. However, I don’t know that they are utilizing modern design styles to their fullest capacity.


I absolutely love the simple and clean navigation on Church of The City’s website!

Very simple, very straight to the point and you can find what you need in a matter of one click.

What I like most about their navigation is that they are clearly trying to highlight their most recent sermon series. So in one click, you can immediately find the most recent sermon which is embedded in their navigation.

Additionally, they’ve intentionally made social media a priority and have placed it predominately where the majority of people are going to click first.

PS – If you haven’t heard or looked into what God is doing with this church, you should! Since launching just a couple of years ago, they have exploded in growth and have done an amazing job of communicating about it along the way.

PSS – This site could have gone anywhere on this list of “Top Church Websites.” It is amazingly done.


Rarely do I like the idea of having your navigation solely on the left-hand side of your website.

The reason I hate it, quite honestly, is because it’s not that intuitive.

This style has been used from the beginning days of websites during their infancy, but it never really stuck.

But as users, we’ve been trained to look for the navigation at the top of the site.


Kensington Church has done an amazing job organizing a massive amount of content with a left-hand aligned navigation.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting this church in the past, and I know they have a ton going on. With multiple campuses, events, ministries, staff members and missions, it is an amazingly large task to organize all of that information in a way that is user-friendly and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Kensington’s website has accomplished this well!


At this point, I’ve evaluated hundreds and hundreds of church websites and have had the privilege to work with thousands.

At the current moment…

I have to say that the navigation and search feature that Community Christian Church has put on their website is flat out amazing!

From the beginning of the website era, we have been trained to look for navigation in the header. The reason the left side scroll or navigation at the bottom of the pages never took off is because we instinctively go right to the header for information.

Community Christian Church has effectively utilized the hamburger icon to organize every area of their ministry under a couple of simple drop-downs and although this is unique it felt very natural to me when clicking through their website!

Honestly, I love this navigation! I love that in the drop-down you can either:

A) On the left-hand side click one of their six navigation options which take you to an amazingly well-done landing page that helps you navigate just a little bit deeper through the site.

B) You can click an arrow that helps you skip the landing page and it takes you directly to the inner page that you were looking for, expediting the navigation process!

As a first-time user of this church’s website, I don’t feel lost at all, which is amazing because by the looks of their site they are a very large ministry. This navigation is phenomenally done and should be recognized as one of the better options that I’ve seen in all of the evaluations that I’ve done!


Simplicity and consistency are the two things that come to mind when looking at this website for the first time.

The Church at Rock Creek has done an amazing job elegantly communicating all their information consistently.

You’ll notice that as you click through this website each page is a mirror of the other so the warm and inviting feeling you get when you land on the homepage remains consistent from start to finish.

This is an all-around great website.


Central Baptist has to be one of the better church websites I have seen this year.

The combination of updated and relevant design coupled with easy-to-use navigation makes this easily one of the best church websites that I’ve ever seen.

As you scroll down the home page you find everything you need without ever having to click away. All upcoming events and relevant information are easy to find and easy to understand.

I love the simple integration of videos on the homepage and a well-placed call to action after every section.

If you’re going to model your website after someone’s consider all of the elements of Central Baptist’s website.

The main navigation at the top of the page is wonderfully defined by two separate colors, green and white. In the green section, you have the most pertinent information such as times, locations, live-streaming and first-time guests. Anyone landing on this church website for the first time knows exactly where to go.


This is AMAZING:

Christian Church of the Valley, in my opinion, has set the tone for any multi-campus church.

The functionality of the homepage immediately lets you know where to click.

The map feature with the functional icons allows you to seamlessly find your information with no effort.

On the left-hand side, if you were unsure of your geographical location choice, you can pick a specific location that’s close to you.

Once you’ve determined your location and decide that you want to explore the site deeper, the navigation and organization of the site is easy to understand and fun to use.

I want to draw specific attention to their “next steps” section or page.

Once you’ve landed on this page, the user experience is phenomenal.

Everything is easy to understand and very engaging. The call to action buttons are prominent, clear and concise.

One hero style banner makes it impossible for a user to become confused about what to do next on this page. I also like how the progression of involvement increases the deeper you go on this particular page (i.e. “Starting Point” is first and that very clearly leads you through a deeper “Engagement” with the church and the website)!


I was just about to navigate away from this website after reviewing it and had decided not to include it in my list.

Not because the design wasn’t well done or because it wasn’t a great looking website, but because it didn’t really have any of the features that I was looking for.

And then something amazing happened…

As I was about to exit the website I got a notification in the upper left-hand corner that said, “this site would like to give you updates”!

You have no idea how unbelievably happy this makes me! Basically, this feature is going to be the death of the church app.

What this means is, this is a mobile responsive website asking to give me push notifications just as if I had downloaded their app. Until now, this is the only advantage of having an app and it has now disappeared…

Apps are nice and all, but when you weigh the benefits against the disadvantages, it is my opinion that apps are simply a waste of time.

Until recently, there was one argument that I just didn’t have a rebuttal for and that was the push notification. Until just recently push notifications were native to phone applications. But with the development of mobile responsive websites and industry leading technology like Sendpulse:

the burden of having to manage and update two separate content management systems is rapidly diminishing!

If you have a mobile responsive website and you are leveraging push notifications there is absolutely no reason to burn out yourself, your staff, or your volunteers with updating two content management systems.

I talk about this concept more in detail here which is why I am so overjoyed to see Life Mission Church leveraging the latest technology to reach more people for Jesus!

Congratulations on adapting to new trends and new technologies to fulfill your response to the command of “go and tell”!!


I flat out love this church website!

The collage video on the homepage perfectly communicates who this church is. I know this because I have been lucky enough to attend this church multiple times!

As you scroll down the homepage, you encounter a very well-done welcome video from the pastor which gives you clear information about what you should expect at Radiant Church.

The main navigation in white against the green backdrop which naturally leads you to all their information. In addition, the hamburger icon to the far right of the navigation gives you additional website navigation options.

You can basically go anywhere you want on this website in under two clicks.

The clean styling makes you want to stay and dig through all their info and learn about what they are doing as a ministry.

This site is one of the best church websites and well-rounded that I’ve seen from cover to cover!


Here is the deal:

I included Grace Church’s website under the relevant design section, not because the overall site is mind-blowing, although it is very well done. I included it because I flat out love their use of icons and consistency of communication throughout their website.

Statistically speaking, well-placed icons throughout your website will engage first-time users, keeping them on your site longer while helping them learn more about you and your ministry.

Also, I’m still a big fan of the parallax scrolling feature that they’ve leveraged on their homepage. But the handmade icons throughout their website take the cake for me!


There isn’t much that I don’t love about this website.

It’s just flat out amazing.

Everything from the easy-to-use navigation to the tone it sets when you initially visit is very, very well done.

Congrats Capo Beach Church on one of the most functional and elegant church websites I’ve seen.


Elevation Church is one of the more “famous” churches on the list…

So it’s likely that you could have possibly visited their website in the past. For that reason, I hesitated to include it in what we were trying to put together here.

However, as I navigated through their website I just couldn’t resist including it.

Their use of videos on every single page is flat out amazing!!!

They have literally created a unique video, a high-quality video at that, for almost every single page on their site. From ministry pages to outreach pages, to get involved pages, each has a unique video tailored to the specific experience someone is going to encounter when they visit their church.

And then they strategically place a sleek design call to action over the very engaging video prompting first time or returning website visitors to engage with their ministry at a deeper level!

So like I said, most of you have probably seen their website or at least have heard of their ministry. But when I value weighted their website from a design standpoint, it was just too good not to include!


Bayside Community Church has all of the elements a modernly designed and aesthetically pleasing website should have!

As you scroll down the homepage you’re able to find all important information without having to click anywhere.

I love the way this website is divided into large image banners followed by a title section which indicates the information you’re about to scroll to.

You’re able to get anywhere on the website directly from the homepage.

In addition to that, when you land on the homepage for the first time, you’re greeted with a video that symbolizes their community which naturally gives you the impression that they are a mission oriented church!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for after scrolling through the homepage, a more obvious navigation is hidden behind a hamburger icon which will help you get to where you want to go.

Although these hamburger icons are very “in” right now, you want to make sure that your site design can support the statement that this navigation communicates.

Bayside Community Church’s website surely does that!


Although there is nothing overwhelmingly flashy about this site, I love the consistency of the inner pages and navigation.


I think that’s what makes it great!

On every page you land throughout the site, you find a new image that is relevant to the page, ministry or section you’ve hit.

For example, when you click on the “What to Expect” section, you see an amazing action image of an in-progress worship service.

Or if you click on “Student Ministry,” the first thing you see is a welcoming image of their students worshiping.

I love this because you know exactly what to expect and when a new visitor comes, they aren’t seeing what’s happening in their areas of interest for the first time.

Obviously, when displaying your info in this way, it is super important to have top quality images!


The ministry pages of Sun Valley Community Church’s website are absolutely amazing!

From modern parallax scrolling to all pertinent meeting time information clearly listed on the right-hand side.

Although the pages are fairly text heavy they have done a great job.

By breaking up the information sections, separated by relevant images to clearly depict what that specific section is going to talk about, they’ve made their information easy to understand in a relevant way.

On their “SV Groups” page, the call to action to sign up for a group or to find more information about a specific group is super easy to find and very functional.


I have a love / hate relationship with Calvary Chapel’s website….

I am absolutely in love with everything below the fold. And what I mean by below the fold is everything below the primary scrolling banners that you see when you initially land on the website.

For one, in my opinion, the banners take too long to scroll. Two, again this is just my opinion, I think scrolling banners are becoming a little bit dated and people tend to lose interest in these websites.

I would love to see Calvary Chapel remove the scrolling banner and replace it with one stationary hero style banner or even a video.

The hamburger icon on the right-hand side gives the impression that the website is sleek and stylish, but unfortunately, when you click the icon it takes up the majority of your screen.


Everything below the fold is very, very well done.

The sleek and stylish call to action section headers elegantly placed in the middle of the site give you a very clear understanding of what section you’re looking at on the page.

One of my favorite features on this website is the daily devotional section. I love the easy to use subscription form to the right of an effectively placed daily devotional!


There are so many amazing things about the homepage of Westside Family Church’s website that I’m not sure where to begin.

Again, and I know I’ve mentioned multiple times throughout this blog, but I flat out love the idea of a welcome video in place of the scrolling banners that role across the top of your website.

The welcome video at Westside Family Church is very well done and it gives you a clear indication of who they are as a ministry.

Second to that, there is a very well placed call to action button which naturally and intuitively leads you to a well put together welcome video which then invites you to visit them in person.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough!

Everyone, in every church, should have a well-done video communicating who they are, where they are going and why someone should want to be involved.

As you continue to scroll down through the homepage, you find additional navigation options that lead you a little deeper into their site.

All of these navigation options are logically laid out and well-placed.

There’s one specific feature about this website that I want to bring attention to.

There is only one other website on this list that has leveraged this feature.

In my opinion, with the demand for instant communication, every single website should have one of these…

And with extremely reasonable and free options available there is no reason that your church should not have a chat feature on its website.

You’ll notice at the bottom of this blog I have a chat feature at the bottom of our website.

The reason for this is because the demand for instant communication has become so predominant in our society that you want to remove any barrier that someone could experience in wanting to learn more information about your organization, or in my case, my business.

These features also provide a wonderful opportunity to minister outside of your walls.

This option gives a user the opportunity to ask questions about your ministry, request prayer, ask for counseling, engage your staff, all without having to reveal who they are.


You might not think this is a benefit right off the bat; but, I can assure you that one of the barriers to people being transparent and vulnerable is the doubt that the person they are asking to minister to them will keep their information confidential.

These chat features are the single best way to build relationships with somebody that might not otherwise engage with your ministry because they can remain anonymous.

Long-term, you’ll be able to engage someone that you wouldn’t have normally been able to and encourage them into a trusting relationship and member of your congregation, and ultimately, potentially leading them to the Lord.

If you don’t have a chat feature, get one!

One additional note I would like to make about the chat feature is: if you are going to use it on your website, please make sure that you clearly communicate when it is being manned by an operator or staff person so that you don’t unknowingly set unrealistic expectations and then frustrate the person attempting to communicate with you. This is very important!


The homepage on 12 Stone Church’s website is phenomenally done!

Again, we see a well-used preview video about what their church mission and vision is.

So without even having to navigate, you get a pretty good understanding of what it is 12 Stone is trying to accomplish as a ministry.

On top of the video, as a backdrop, there is a well-placed call to action. “You Matter to God. You Matter to Us” and then two clickable buttons that take you a little deeper into the page.

As you scroll down the page, you’re immediately greeted with their most recent message so that you can learn a little more about who they are and what they teach.

If you like that message, they make it super easy for you to find the rest of their sermons in their media section.

I also love how they incorporate a background image with some parallax scroll.

This is a great modern design incorporated into a classically well-designed church website. We understand a little bit more about who 12 Stone is based on the top half of their website. Now they encourage us to take some next steps, digging a little deeper into their site, their ministry, and your spiritual development.

As you descend into their website, 12 Stone has made it natural for you to gain a better understanding about all of the above! This website and, specifically their homepage, is very well done!


The homepage of New Birth is super, super clean!

I love the feeling when I look over their site!

It’s not only inviting but also engaging. They leverage all modern design styles including parallax scrolling, motion videos, and very sleek and stylish buttons! This church’s website is well laid out and nicely organized!


The online giving page for the Sanctuary Church is absolutely phenomenal.

From the background image of their community to information about how your specific donations are used.

In addition:

This church doesn’t just ask for financial giving, they ask for your time as well, which is a wonderful way to eliminate the stigma of soliciting only financial donations.

After reviewing thousands of websites, we see ministries simply ask for financial donations with no explanation.

This is most often the case with donations solicited through online giving. If you notice, as you scroll down on the giving page of the Sanctuary Church’s website, they clearly communicate their mission with a beautiful picture of their city in the background.

They also provide a monthly cause that they support and give you the option to donate to that as well.

As you continue to scroll down, they clearly articulate the benefits of supporting their ministry and the various ministries they support. When you actually see it laid out like this, everything makes perfect sense.

To be perfectly honest, in my opinion…

There should not be one website, church or other nonprofit organization, that does not give their donations page this level of attention and detail.

I continued to scroll down the page and was even more impressed.

In the FAQ section, information is provided to head off any objections before they even arise. Congratulations to the Sanctuary Church for a well-done online giving page.

I’m willing to bet anything the many hours invested in this particular page of their website has paid for itself over and over and over again.

An online giving page is one of the most critical pages of your site! You don’t want people to leave your site without supporting your mission!


Cherry Hills Community Church has done an amazing job with their online giving opportunity.

Clearly and effectively communicating all of their information is a priority for this church!


I couldn’t agree more that sharing this information right on your website adds significant value and helps people understand what they’re giving to and why they’re giving.

When you first land on the giving page of Cherry Hill’s website, you get a brief snapshot, general contributions, and a year-to-date actual report about general contributions.

Sharing this information puts the donor at ease, knowing that all the church’s giving information is transparent.

Once the giving information has been provided and you scroll a little deeper down the page, you are presented with multiple options to give. Once you’ve selected a giving option, you then have an easy-to-understand login section where you can view your giving history.

This page was clearly well thought-out and has significant meaning to this ministry. Very well done!


The sermons illustration page on Golden Hills Community Church is one of the better illustrations that I’ve seen.

The large banner clearly communicates the current sermon series with the three most recent sermon series’ banners just below that.

This helps people immediately find what they are looking for.

They have a clearly placed call to action button that takes you to a page where you can watch the most recent sermon, download an MP3 version, and view the sermon notes. The sermon section is extremely functional and very easy to understand.


The sermons’ display on North Coast Church’s website is one of the most functional that I’ve seen.

It’s easy to use and easy to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s sermon notes or the previous week’s info.

They provide you with amazing drop-downs where you can select to listen to a series or a certain speaker, both very functional searches whether you’re scrolling down the page a bit or you’d like to listen.

According to they are utilizing the sermon engine plug-in to display their sermons. Something worth noting, in a custom WordPress design that we recently completed, we also utilized this sermon plug-in and it was very functional.

In fact:

It is so functional that we are planning to create something similar for the back end of our builder.

I flat-out love this plug-in because it gives you everything you need to adequately display your sermons, share your sermon notes, share your information on social media, sign up for online newsletters and much, much more. Although the plug-in is about $100; if you’re working with WordPress, it’s probably worth grabbing.

BETHEL is the sermon and media outlet for, which quite frankly, could have made it to any section on this list.

Every single thing about this site is absolutely phenomenal.

In fact, it’s one of the better user experiences I’ve seen on any website, period!

I say that literally:

I almost think that it’s more user-friendly than Apple or any of the other big-name websites that you will visit.

So it was hard for me to select specifically just the sermon section. The reason I chose this section was because of the amazingly unique way they share their media.

They share their media on a media specific website, which is, all by itself visually appealing.

They put a monetary value on their media and content, and if you think about it that could really stabilize things for your ministry.

They take their media a step further than just sermons on Sunday which is a way I think, they can get away with this. They give you access for $8/month to their “weekends” plan up to $250/year season pass which gives you access to everything they offer, and I’m sure it’s well worth it!


New Life Church is a church with an amazing history.

The overall site design is clearly built for the visitor.

The first thing you see as a first time visitor to this church website is the main navigation in the header.

The first option to select is “I’m New”. Once you land on the page, the site designer makes it super easy to learn everything that you need to know about the church.

Whether you want to learn about New Life Friday Night, New Life North, or New Life Downtown, you have the ability to immediately and easily navigate to each one of their locations or services.

If you decide to stay on New Life North, you’re immediately presented with the very well done video of their history.

The video is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen on “I’m New” pages.

Videos are an easy and non-committal way for your guests to understand everything they need to know about your church.

As you continue to scroll, the next header section that you see is titled “What to Expect”.

The navigation in this section is well organized and easy to understand, whether you want to explore Worship, Communion, Community, or New Life Kids.

You can easily select one of the four sections and get a detailed description about each just below.

You don’t move much from this page once you’ve landed on it.

I like this feature because nowadays people don’t like to click around and want to find what they’re looking for once they make their initial selection.

Once you’ve made it through the”What to Expect” section, you’re taken to the “New Life Next ” section and again presented with an integrated video that clearly explains what the expectation is for someone who wants to get involved.

I have to say that after reviewing this page, I fully understand what New Life ministry is all about, where they’ve been, where they are going and whether or not I feel like I could be involved in their ministry.

As you look to build your own “I’m New” or “Get Involved” pages, this is a wonderful example of what it should look like.


Summit Life Church made the list because of their “I’m New” section.

Everything you need as a visitor is in one location.

As you scroll down through the site you immediately learn that they have multiple campuses.

Underneath those campus listings are the service times attached to each location.

They’ve implemented a nice looking, well-done parallax scroll.

In fact, this has become wildly popular inside of church websites.

They’ve used this tool to indicate the “What To Expect” section and each new section thereafter. You are never confused as someone who has never visited the website before, and the ability to find exactly what you were looking for based on the clear indication of the sections is a major plus for this website.

After reviewing this page, I have a full understanding of what to expect and when to expect it.

Not to mention, the page is pretty aesthetically pleasing with that huge banner at the top of the page; and then they use real images of their ministry throughout!


LIFE POINT CHURCH’s next steps page is clean and easy to understand deeper ministry involvement, but also clearly communicates and encourages spiritual development as well!

The modern icons and video integration make this page a great resource for anyone considering just a visit to this church or considering it as a possible home church, or for information about your faith and faith development.

As you scroll past the first banner, you see icons that are anchored to the correlating section on the page.

This feature makes it super helpful to find what you’re looking for! If you’re considering a redesign on your “Next Steps” page, take a look at what they’ve done before moving forward.


The “I’m New” section of the Traders Point Christian Church website is phenomenally done!

You’re greeted with a very welcoming photo of two people in their congregation (again, no stock photos), with a sleek hamburger icon in the upper right-hand corner.

The reason I like the hamburger icon here is because the image is so amazing you wouldn’t want the menu to take away from what they’re trying to communicate.

In fact, I think they very intentionally made this image the focal point of this landing page.

You’ll notice:

As you scroll down, you are not even introduced to their social media icons until you get past the welcome image.

Here’s another great example of how to leverage a well-done video, The video is strategically placed as the second thing you see.

If you take a second to watch their video, you’ll find that in under two minutes they effectively communicate where they’ve been and where they are going!

There is no easier way to communicate this on a website than through a well-done video. As you continue to scroll, you’re presented with the next two logical navigation options.

“About Traders Point” and “Service Times and Locations” are the natural next navigation options.

These are both presented in a warm and sleek design, which is followed by more modern design elements in the fixed background image of more people in their congregation.

Overall this page is very well done, very easy to navigate, very easy to understand, and leaves no questions for a new visitor.


North Coast’s website is amazingly done.

The elegant design and easy-to-use navigation make it super easy for you to find everything and anything that you’re looking for.

As you scroll down on the page, you find modernly designed icons that assist in the communication of the navigation of the site.

Each icon is custom developed to fit the purpose of the six main areas of navigation on this website. It’s easy to see what North Coast wants you to find first; Connect, Serve and Give.


Northland has one of the best church websites that I’ve seen!

I’m huge on banner videos right now and Northland Church has done an amazing job of communicating who they are through their welcome video as soon as you land on the homepage of their website.

I am so glad that these looping videos have replaced the scrolling banners of years gone by.

The more time you spend on videos like this the better off you’re going to be.

The longer people are going to stay on your site the more they’re going to understand who you are and what you stand for as an organization.

Although the rest of the site is a bit cluttered for my liking the video is amazing!


Christ Fellowship is a huge ministry with a TON happening and like Saddleback, they’ve figured out how to effectively organize all of the information on their website so it’s easy to find and fun to navigate.

Again, (and I know I’m stuck on these welcome videos) Christ Fellowship Church has done an amazing job with theirs. If you sit for a second, wait and watch, you’ll get a real clear picture of who the ministry is without even clicking away from the homepage.

With 10 locations (one of which is online) it can be hard to make sure that things stay consistent and organized, but they’ve done it.

The key point I want to make about this site is that although they have a ton of information and you could spend hours reading through all of their stuff, it doesn’t feel like it!

I honestly think that this is so because of the way the information is organized.


Although I’m not totally in love with the overall design, functionality, navigation and feel of this website; I wanted to put it on the list because I love the way they’ve incorporated videos throughout their website.

The welcome video does a phenomenal job of communicating who they are as a ministry and what you’ll experience when you visit!

As you continue to navigate through the site and eventually land on the children’s ministry page you’re presented with another great video!

The only thing I would change about the videos they’ve used throughout their website is: I would have used more. Nothing retains a website visitor like a video does.

So think about all of the content that you have on your website and think about communicating that same information via a video.

Whether it’s your youth ministry, children’s ministry, family ministry, whatever ministry it may be or event that might be coming up.

Using a video in addition to written material as well as some amazing graphics for these events and ministries is another excellent way to highlight.

You can also make a quick two-minute video with highlights from the previous year or highlights of previous gatherings to really help people understand what they’re going to experience when walking in the door of your ministry.


Overall, Southeast Christian Church’s website is quality!

The reason this church website made this list is because of their integration with Instagram on their homepage!

I love that they have integrated social media in such a predominant way on their website. Last year I had the privilege of working hand-in-hand with on their “Lend a Hand” campaign.

In that campaign, we leveraged a technology called tagboard that looks a lot like what Southeast Christian Church has added to their website. Tagboard basically allows you to display anything that is “#”.


What you would do is go over to and register your # for free. Then go over to and create yourself an account (#YourChurchName).

Then at any event you’d like to promote use this # and whenever it is mentioned on any and all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), it will automatically pull the tag, and post and display it on your website.

Southeast Christian Church hasn’t fully leveraged this technology.


They are doing an amazing job leveraging Instagram’s version of what I just described!

Leveraging social media and the power of your congregation posting to your website does a couple of things…

The first thing it does is allow you to keep your website updated with new and relevant images and content without you having to update it yourself and it allows new visitors to browse all of your most recent events without having to look far!

Again, I cannot express enough how much I love the use of technology and social media on this site!


Here’s another great example of unique and outside-the-box thinking for navigation from a very large church.

This is one of the best website navigations that I’ve seen for any church!

When you land on the site you are immediately shown four options; home, site navigation, watch live and give online.

Our immediate instinct is to think that we are looking at the site navigation when we land on the page. But once you hover over “site menu” you’re presented with additional navigation options that make it very easy for the end-user to navigate to any location on the website with just one click.

As click through rates decrease and site times decrease, it is extremely important for us as church leaders and church communicators to strategically lead people where we think they want to go on our website without having to do a lot of clicking.

This is why Google Analytics, or any analytics service for that matter, is so important.

That way we can see what people are looking for and help them find it with little to no effort! Faith Church has done an amazing job of organizing all of their content while taking you to almost every other page with just one click.


The overall design of Summit Church’s website is amazing – it’s sleek, it’s stylish, it’s simple, the images used are amazing, I love everything about the way this website functions.

Again, this is a massive church that has figured out how to effectively communicate all of their information.

The navigation is done phenomenally well.

Anywhere you want to go you can find it with one click of a button!

Like we’ve talked about on other sites, one click navigation to any location on a website is increasingly important and Summit Church has figured out an effective way to make that happen!

Their website is not one that I would say leverages modern design styles. But it has more of an iconic, legendary, classic feeling in a website that draws you in so you want to understand more!

If your church or ministry is in the process of developing a website, have a look here and see what they’ve done. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Legacy Church’s website is under the overall design category because all in all, this is a very solid website.

They leverage amazing font types, great color palettes, simple to use navigation and modern designs like the parallax scrolling features.

I love the main image and the font type chosen for “Life Change” and that it’s highlighted, circled and the first thing that you see.

As you continue to scroll through the site you encounter more modern design elements, an amazing picture of their children’s area and then the option to plan your visit.

I don’t have a ton to say about this particular site because the design really does speak for itself.


There isn’t much I don’t love about Central’s website. In fact, it’s one of the best church websites I’ve ever seen. (I think I’ve said that a couple times now…lol!)

Because it’s so amazing in so many different ways I’m going to have to break this review up into multiple sections….

When you land on their homepage it is clear that they are a modern, relevant church with a desire to impact their city for the Lord.

They’ve leveraged all of the modern design standards and have also done a phenomenal job communicating who they are, where they’re going, and why they do what they do on their homepage through personal videos from their pastor!

Central Church is a ministry with a number of locations. What I like is when you navigate to each of their location pages they all generally have the same layout with their own unique flavor.

Central’s website also has something that I’ve only recently seen on corporate websites. When you click on locations or stories you get the unique experience of a sideways scroll.

This is something that most corporate websites have and is effectively leveraged by Central!

It makes their website memorable and clearly sets them apart from anything that I’ve seen after reviewing hundreds and hundreds of websites!


I included Granger Community Church’s website on the list because its unique design from their communications team is top notch!

In fact, I have been learning and growing from Granger my entire professional career.

While I was on staff at a church in Michigan we were a church of a couple thousand people. The town demographics were very similar to that of Granger’s.

So our leadership team was able to work closely with their leadership team to leverage some of the unique things they were doing to grow their ministry so rapidly!

Because of that experience, I have been paying attention to what Granger has been doing from afar for almost 10 years now.

Everything they do is phenomenal and that includes their website. It’s unique. There is no other site like it that I’ve come across.

Although there is a lot going on, it’s easy to navigate and easy to find what you’re looking for because of their powerful search feature.

The navigation is a little unique but also very powerful, getting you to where you want to go in just a matter of one click.

This site is well done, with rapid load speeds and a ton of information organized in a way that is fun to navigate, intuitive and intriguing!


I included Granger Community Church’s website on the list because its unique design from their communications team is top notch!

In fact, I have been learning and growing from Granger my entire professional career.

While I was on staff at a church in Michigan we were a church of a couple thousand people. The town demographics were very similar to that of Granger’s.

So our leadership team was able to work closely with their leadership team to leverage some of the unique things they were doing to grow their ministry so rapidly!

Because of that experience, I have been paying attention to what Granger has been doing from afar for almost 10 years now.

Everything they do is phenomenal and that includes their website. It’s unique. There is no other site like it that I’ve come across.

Although there is a lot going on, it’s easy to navigate and easy to find what you’re looking for because of their powerful search feature.

The navigation is a little unique but also very powerful, getting you to where you want to go in just a matter of one click.

This site is well done with rapid load speeds and a ton of information organized in a way that is fun to navigate, intuitive and intriguing!