Church Annual Report

CHURCH ANNUAL REPORT COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE GROW YOUR CHURCH & TELL YOUR STORY THROUGH YOUR ANNUAL REPORT To start we're going to talk a little bit about the concept of a church annual report. Now, the first thing that might come to mind for many of us is what is an...

Church Marketing Best Blogs

CHURCH MARKETING: BEST OF THE BEST BLOGS 17 Of The Best Church Marketing Blogs, You Must Follow! We’ve all heard the saying “it’s a small world,” right? But the reality is that the world, both on and offline, is a BIG PLACE! And while the goal of a pastor is to teach,...

The Ultimate Church Plant Digital Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Church Plant Digital Marketing Guide EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO FAST TRACK YOUR CHURCH PLANT MARKETING Did you know that eight out of ten people will visit your website before they even consider visiting your church? That’s right. And we’re not...

Church of The City

WEBSITE REVIEW Hi everybody, Tyler Rominger here from Ministry Designs. I’m here to do another church website review. Today we’re going to be talking about Church of the City. Church of the City is a church in Nashville. It’s a relatively new church. They’re doing...

Church Hacks Summit

Last week, Tyler got the chance to speak at the Church Hacks Summit! What a huge blessing to have Ministry Designs and our founder to have featured at such an amazing every!   Have a look at the transcript of the video below: Hi everybody, my name is Tyler...

Scottsdale Bible Church – Website Review

For more information on how you can get an amazing and easy to manage website take a look at our homepage: Ministry Designs Video Transcript: Hi, everybody, Tyler Rominger here from Ministry Designs. I guess it was last year around this time—we produced a pretty...

Your Church Website & Google

Our Church Website builder integrations are extremely useful when it comes to website design. Being able to integrate with different services is a huge advantage to you and your ministry. Once of those services that can add a massive benefit is Google Apps! If you are...

Mobile Ready Websites!

Mobile Ready Church Websites What is the difference between a mobile and desktop versions of you website? Is it just that one is smaller than the other? Unfortunately no, it is not that simple. A mobile website should resemble the design and features of your desktop...

5 Must Haves For A Church Website

Many ministries see the internet as a necessity or burden to reach their more youthful congregates. However, with a lower nonprofit budget they many times settle for big name website providers that offer $1 templates with zero support or ministry-related features....

101 Church Website Do’s & Don’ts

A Church Website Should Be Simple look at designs at Make it A Hub For Up - To - Date Information Make Your Purpose Clear Make The Navigation Easy To Find Make The Navigation Easy To Understand Have a Clear Site Map Have a Clear...


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