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Our Church Website builder integrations are extremely useful when it comes to website design. Being able to integrate with different services is a huge advantage to you and your ministry. Once of those services that can add a massive benefit is Google Apps! If you are unfamiliar with Google Apps let me fill you in.

Google Applications, or Google Apps, is a set of web applications such as email, calendar, chat, blogging platform, maps, and much more! All of which are available to you as a ministry! Which is always exciting. The ability to integrate these apps into your website are super easy as well. Once you select the app that you would like to use you will go to the settings inside the app. Inside the menu you should see an area that gives you a code, or more importantly a HTML code. This short paragraph of code will embed the app directly onto your site. Lets break it down and look at some of the more interesting apps that Google offers! Google Maps is a personal favorite of mine! The days of your dad driving the station wagon with a giant map in front of his face are over! No need to latch onto the door handle and pray to God that you survive the family trip. Nope, Google Maps offers a super easy to find out where you are going, how to get there, and a ton of other cool features. Having a Google Map on your site is super beneficial to any ministry for one simple fact: PEOPLE CAN FIND YOU! Yes, that is right, being able to find the church is step #1. Have a big beautiful map on your website gives people an easy way to find out how to get to you.

Another cool app is Google Calendar. Google calendar allows you to schedule events, connect to your Maps, allow saving dates, and much more. Placing a Google Calendar on your site will definitely make the office life much easier. Scheduling rooms becomes a breeze. No more having Men’s Ministry and 70 and up bingo night in the same location on Wednesday nights. If you like organization, this little guy will be a lifesaver. Another great feature is that Google Calendar will automatically propagate changes from Google to your website. Once you create a new event in Google your website will automatically be updated with the information.

Last but not least Google Blogger is a neat little app. This turns any website into a professional looking blog. Google Blogger acts just the same as every other app. Once you embed the app into the site you have the ability to update it directly from Google. No need to update it in different places. Post once, and then it will propagate All in all, Google Apps is a huge benefit to use on your ministries website. It gives your visitors a very interactive experience, which in return will result in a larger percentage of site retention and hopefully more visitors!


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